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Trak Celebrates 17 years with HR Consulting Expansion

This month chalks up the 17th Anniversary of Trak Recruiting and gives us an opportunity to reflect on the year that was and preview a new range of products which I believe will be of benefit to many of you. The constant headlines about the depressed retail industry have definitely…

Fashion & Retail Employee Staff Turnover

The results of the latest Trak and Scarlett Recruitment “Fashion and Retail Employee Staff Turnover Analysis Report” shows some disturbing facts about what’s currently happening in Australia. Employee turnover is defined as the percentage of permanent employees who leave an organisation (excluding redundancies) divided by the total number of employees. The…

Retail in the USA – An Overview

While San Francisco and Chicago provide only a snapshot of the USA, our experience there and the presentations we had are worthy of discussion. Generally speaking the fashion retailers who have survived the GFC are doing really well – they’ve spent the last few years focussing on supply chain, stock levels…

Retail in the USA – How technology will change customer expectations

A visit to the head office of Cisco – smack bang in the middle of Silicon Valley – revealed just how much and how fast technology has advanced and also provided us with a preview of the future. The massive impact of the first transistor radio 55 years ago…

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